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As the Texas Legislature works through the 2017 session, our team is watching bills regarding spending, firearms, religious freedom, education, constitutional/Article V conventions, and more.

You may not agree 100% with everything here, but you’ll be aware of the most important times to contact your representative and senator, and any other elected officials important to the process.

Please share these posts any way you want, and encourage people to act on them. And remember that the goal here is rapid dissemination of ​information, not beautiful web design, so sometimes the posts may be a bit “messy.”

Note the link above to help you find the contact info for your representatives. Hopefully, by the end of this legislative cycle, they and their staffs will know your name. 

And more important, they’ll know that either 1) they’re not standing alone, or 2) you’re paying attention.

  • Posted on February 28, 2017 10:53
    The Senate State Affairs Committee voted 6-2 to send Gov. Greg Abbott’s emergency item, calling…


    The following additional information is from an unnamed confidential source in the Capitol:

    “This scheme with the “olive branch” from the COS gang assigning a twelve (12) year expiration date to their application for a Convention of the States in exchange for the Committee passing Senator Estes’ recision bill was cooked up by Lit. Governor Dan Patrick. By seeming to affect a compromise on both sides of this issue, this would  patch any potential cracks in his political support base that could hurt him when he runs for a higher office later.”

    In other words, it’s all about politics as usual and not principle. As for our part, we should continue to make our case before our local state lawmakers. Tell them the truth about Con Con and insist that they cut out the ‘MIckey Mouse’ political games.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    Ken Hoover
    Field Coordinator
    The John Birch Society
    P. O. Box 1242
    Cypress, Texas 77410-1242

    Office:  281-373-1109
    Mobile: 713-829-3122


  • Posted on February 16, 2017 00:00

    All Volunteer Leaders/Key Members/Leaders of Allied Organizations
    Well, the last email that I sent you was just the update on the fight. Now the upcoming hearing in the Texas Capitol:
    It will deal with the following bills: SJR 2 the actual application for A Convention of the States by State Senator Brian Birdwell et al and be conducted by the Senate State Affairs Committee.
    SB 21 the measure that would purport to write rules and regulations for the Texas Delegates to such a convention by Senator Birdwell et al. BTW, most legal authorities as well as the Congressional Research Service maintain that the U. S. Congress would set the standards, et al as part of their duty to “call” a convention upon the receipt of the requisite number of applications for a convention.
    Time: 9:00 a.m.;
    Location: Senate Chamber
    Participants are allowed to testify up to two minutes. If the testimony is written then you must submit 20 copies to the committee clerk with your name on each one of them.
    Here is the committee, its officers, members, etc.:
    Chairman Senator Joan Huffman (R) Vice-Chairman Senator Bryan Hughes (R)
    Clerk–Addison Reagan 512-463-0380 <(512)%20463-0380>
    Senator Brian Birdwell (R) Senator Brandon Creighton (R) Senator Craig Estes (R) Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. (D) Senator Jane Nelson (R) Senator Charles Schwertner (R) Senator Judith Zaffrini (D)
    If you can attend this event, that would be super. And by all means bring JBS trifolds on Con Con with you.And at the very least we would want you to activate your chapter/committee telephone/email tree to apply pressure on these committee members to say NO to Con Con no matter what it is called.
    Colonel David Carter of Temple and his team has been faithfully going to the Legislature for the last few weeks. Let’s give them and Barbara Harless a “big shout-out” for being the spearpoints for our statewide effort to: Choose Freedom–Stop A Con-Con.
    I will not be able to be at this hearing as we are having our monthly Business & Professional Chapter Luncheon with a guest speaker in Houston that same day.
    Thank you for all that you do!
    Ken Hoover Field Coordinator The John Birch Society P. O. Box 1242 Cypress, Texas 77410-1242
    Office: 281-373-1109 <(281)%20373-1109> Mobile: 713-829-3122 <(713)%20829-3122>